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Goodlord – Lettings for the 21st Century

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Goodlord - Lettings for the 21st Century

Please scroll down to see our conversation with Tom Glason, chief commercial officer at Goodlord – one of the PropTech heavyweights operating in the residential lettings industry…

During our chat we covered the following themes:

  • A broad overview of what Goodlord does plus what would incentivise lettings agencies and larger landlords to use the service;
  • Why the organisation decided not to roll out this technology to smaller / portfolio landlords;
  • How Goodlord works with both individual and franchise-based lettings agencies;
  • The ‘build vs. buy’ argument – i.e. why would a larger lettings agency choose to implement Goodlord’s service, as opposed to creating an internal bespoke system themselves;
  • How the technology is being implemented across the fast-growing build to rent space;
  • Recognising the wide and varied nature of Generation Rent;
  • Engaging with tech without over ‘dehumanising’ the process, credit checking and risks of deploying a strict ‘computer says no’ approach;
  • How lettings agents are successfully bolting-on on services to generate extra revenue;
  • How landlords are large can benefit from the ‘Goodlord Go’ (tenant move-in) service;
  • Some of the broader issues facing the lettings industry as a whole including the proliferation of online agents, DIY landlords, regulation, tenant fee bans, Section 24, the stamp duty surcharge, Brexit.

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January 2021

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