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Important Security Technology Trends That Landlords Need To Know About Today

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Landlords Moving into the Digital Age - Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Security technology is constantly changing and updating to enhance the level of protection provided. Security can always be better, and technology works hard to make it so. The latest security technology trends prove that these advancements are worthy of investment. 

Security technology is advancing from converged security to integration and automation to touchless access. It is ready to make security stronger and more user-friendly. Landlords need to start taking advantage of these security trends because they can remove responsibility from their security team without losing quality.

Tenants can manage their own security devices through remote management and benefit from better systems for a small price. 

Converged Security  

As more landlords invest in IoT devices, a converged security approach becomes increasingly necessary. Converged security means bringing your physical and cyber security teams together to form one unified team. 

Even if you store tenant data on the cloud, an intruder could physically break into the building, access the computer that has connection from the cloud, and steal data from it. Digital information is still missing without a cyber-attack occurring, but a cybersecurity team wouldn’t be able to or know how to prevent it. 

Converged security is the solution to combatting new security threats today. A converged security team can make collective decisions about strategies, ongoing risks, and running general daily checks. Together, they can see and protect the security system as one.

For Rent - Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Touchless And Hygiene-Based Technology 

Hygiene has become increasingly important following the pandemic, and it is a phenomenon that is not going away. Landlords need to recognize and meet the new need to create a safe and hygienic space for tenants. 

Touchless access control utilizes key card door locks, which allow for credentials such as keycards, keyfobs, and virtual keycards to be used and verify individual access. Once the system authorizes the credentials, it gives access. 

With advanced access control systems like video intercoms, video surveillance is integrated with access control to verify access in two ways. Modern access control systems focus on safety in every way, including hygiene and security. 

Hygiene technologies like wellness surveys, health checks, and temperature readings evaluate the health of each tenant and visitor. The findings establish whether or not the person is well enough to enter the building. Those with a high temperature or stuffy nose may be declined entry because it is a health risk and could spread to others. 

Integrated Smart Buildings

Integrated security technology is the future of security because it makes your houses safer and easier to manage all simultaneously. You can create a smart building by integrating your security technologies such as visitor management, physical access control, and building management. A smart building can make tenants’ lives easier and happier. 

By integrating physical access control and building management systems, tenants can set up technologies to reduce their utilities. Physical access control systems could alert the building management devices when they leave the house. 

From there, the building management systems could reduce the temperature and turn off any lights. This can hugely impact a tenant’s energy bills as reduced electricity usage could save them money easily. Integrating all of your security technologies couldn’t be simpler, but it could offer tremendous benefits to your tenants

Automated Response

The cloud provides security technology with great flexibility, mainly through automation. Integrated cloud-based security technology can automate responses based on triggers from other systems such as physical access and building management. 

Physical access control could automatically notify the building management system when the tenant enters the building and automatically increase the temperature to their preferred temperature. This simple automation is manageable by tenants and could change depending on their preferences. 

Without too much hassle, it could make your tenant’s life easier and allow them to return to a comfortable and cozy space. Implementing technology to make your tenant happier could induce them to keep their tenancy for longer, which provides you with a greater ROI overall. 

Cloud-Based Security 

Cloud-based platforms for tenant safety, such as modern apartment building security systems, are highly flexible, which makes them easy to manage. Unlike on-premises security, cloud-based security uses the internet, so it is operable remotely. Your tenants could access the network from any device, anywhere, and anytime. 

Through the network, a tenant could see an intruder attempting to access the building and contact the security team and authorities. The security team wouldn’t need to scour footage as intensely and could redirect their focus elsewhere. Meanwhile, tenants gain more control of their safety and feel more protected. 

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