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PropCast – The UK House Selling Weather Forecast

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Previously available behind paywalls, the number of online tools to get a closer understanding of property market trends continues to grow.

We spoke to Gavin Brazg, founder and CEO of The Advisory on PropCast – a market educational tool dubbed as the UK’s first house selling weather forecast.  We explore the following:

  • What ‘The Advisory’ does and how this established (and recently updated) portal can help property buyers and sellers alike;
  • Asking price biases and why over 50% of sellers struggle to shift their homes on the open market;
  • A brief outline of what PropCast is, why it was set up, how it differs from other online property research tools;
  • The dysfunctional relationship between estate agents and the public;
  • Why estate agents “don’t win instructions by telling the truth”;
  • How the data found on PropCast is sourced, cleansed and applied to the UK property market;
  • How home sellers can observe whether their local market “hot”, “cold” or “somewhere in between”;
  • How sellers can maximise their use of the platform and effectively market their properties;
  • What to do if a property has been on the market for a while and getting no offers;
  • Some advice for people who have missed the ‘golden window of opportunity’ to sell their property;
  • How property type, micro-markets (‘markets within markets’) and other idiosyncratic factors can influence sales velocity.


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