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Follow Proper House Viewing Etiquette When Out To Buy Property

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Follow Proper House Viewing Etiquette When Out To Buy Property

To buyers and sellers, property viewings can be exciting good and bad, especially if people still live there. 

  1. What is the proper etiquette on such occasions? 
  2. Should buyers and agents stick to certain rules when visiting an open house?

The answer is YES and proper house viewing etiquette is what it means. 

A property viewing is a make or break situation, so make it worth and look out for secrets sellers don’t tell. But, if you’re about to view the house of your dreams and desperate to get it, proper etiquette is mandatory.

Respect the person hosting

To be respectful and polite is a must of open-house etiquette. Make sure to present yourself in a diligent and welcoming manner. 

Of course, don’t overdo. Be short and concise. Greetings, hello, and goodbye.

Be on time

Arrive early enough to keep the schedule ahead. Both owners and real estate agents plan viewings sharp to the second. 

Ask if you should take your shoes off

You might think this is underrated and cliche but the truth is, most agents are prepared with 

While it might be just an understood common courtesy to take your shoes off at the door, you may encounter sellers from different cultures who may require shoes to be taken off before entering their home.

Your host is not a personal guide

When doing an open house viewing, the agent will not stay by your side all the time. That is the point of such property walk-throughs. You probably won’t be the only viewer looking to buy.

If you need help with investor profiling – do get in touch.

You are in somebody’s home

Keep in mind that when doing open-house viewings, you’re in somebody’s home. The person may not be fond of poor gentlemanship. Do you want to check their setup of amazing kitchen gadgets? Sorry, in the context of hose viewing etiquette, it won’t be the best time to do so.

Restrain from sitting down

Especially if people residing there are home. It is a sign of poor etiquette to sit uninvited. If necessary, make sure to kindly ask.

Note your questions down

The host and agent might not have the time for thorough discussions, at least not at the time of an open viewing. Prep notes and take notes after. Schedule an appointment or call to get details in person. The realtor has to honour all attendants. 

Ask permissions for photos

It’s not polite to wave your phone to take photos of whatever you want. Although it’s part of open viewing practice, manners and being respectful is a must. To snap a photo or video might provoke unpleasant reactions to privacy.

Keep your pace

When viewing an open property, make sure to attend in a fast and efficient manner. How long does a house viewing take? The usual timespan of such viewings is about an hour. Walk through the property, note down observations and questions and walk out with minimum scramble.  If sales or lettings agents are showing you around, they should be more than willing to accommodate.

Know your limits

Be respectful of one’s privacy and mind limits you can or can not cross. You’re now allowed to browse racks of clothing nor drawers full of personal possessions. You can look around in the kitchen but not having a snack. 

The idea is that you’re a guest who came to visit and look around, and not behave like you’re home.

The best way is to ask yourself how you’d like a stranger to behave at your place.

Keep comments to yourself

If you spot dirt, damage, or the abode is revolting to you, keep comments to yourself. It’s a sign of poor etiquette and manners to speak of these out loud. At best, you’ll simply insult the agent and homeowner, and no good will come of it, especially if you want to buy a new home. 

What if it is you and the agent alone? Again, dirty talk won’t help.

Bathroom later

Of course, if you really have to go, then disregard advice. However, you’re in a private home with a private bathroom and being respectful of privacy is what house viewing etiquette is all about.

Leave children home

To do a house viewing with children is not what agents recommend. A new abode can be existing but looking after young ones will also heavily distract you. 

Final remarks…

When it comes to etiquette and manners, the lack or presence of such can make a difference, comments Proper house viewing etiquette is crucial. Many would turn down rough, rude, and poorly-behaving prospects who make a mess, speak out loud or touch and browse at will.

For more tips and advice, visit our property resource toolkit.

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