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Cleaning Tips When Moving Out of an Apartment or House

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Cleaning Tips When Moving Out of an Apartment or House

To clean a rental prior to moving out is the final frontier to ending a lease, and at PS Investors we’ve gathered a handful of tips to help you clean it fast, and easy. If not, you risk deposit deductions bad rating or worse. Vacating buy-to-let or any other rental requires leaving the property neat, tidy, and good hygiene, and condition.

If you are leaving your student accommodation then these are the tips you need to help you move out successfully!

Cleaning carpet mould

Sweep the mould debris from your carpet using a stiff brush and vacuum it thoroughly. 

To remove excess moisture 

  • Sprinkle the affected area liberally with baking soda or talc-free baby powder;
  • Let the solution sit on overnight and then vacuum it up;
  • Lightly spray the area with white vinegar, and 
  • Scrub it in using a stiff brush; 
  • To avoid leaving moisture, blow-dry the carpet or air dry in a well-ventilated area.

If you still notice or smell mould in your carpet don’t hesitate to hire a professional. Cleaning companies like Go Cleaners London have a 72h guarantee, including a free re-clean if something is wrong. Professional end of tenancy carpet cleaners have solid experienced identifying specific mould, as well as access to specialized machines for hot water extraction and chemicals.

Cleaning ceiling fans

To avoid spreading the dust all over the room when cleaning the ceiling fan, use a slightly damp pillowcase. 

  • Put it over each blade of the fan and wipe it down, catching the dust inside of the pillowcase;
  • Apply some dusting spray to provide a layer of moisture that keeps the dust away and leave surfaces with a polished shine.


Cleaning window frames

Most of the home cleaners associate window cleaning only with washing the glass. The window frames are often forgotten. 

  • Sprinkle a little baking soda over the window frames, especially in the corners; 
  • Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar; 
  • Cover the baking soda with the mixture and leave it for five minutes. Scrub the window tracks with a toothbrush;
  • Give the frames a wipe down.


Cleaning grout on floors

Grout cleaning could be an easy chore using a DIY detergent that you can create with simple ingredients, gather from your kitchen. 

  • Just mix some baking soda, some water and several drops of dish soap in an old bowl to make a cleaning paste; 
  • Apply the cleaning solution over the grout lines using an old toothbrush;
  • Rinse the cleaning residue out with clear water. 


Cleaning the oven

Before start cleaning the oven, remove the oven racks and soak them in the sink full of warm water and mild dishwashing detergent. 

Make your own cleaning solution. 

  • Mix ½ cup of baking soda and water until you have a spreadable paste; 
  • Apply the paste to all over the interior surfaces of your oven;
  • Try to coat the whole oven, paying attention to any greasy areas. Let the solution sit at least 12 hours, or for a better result – overnight;
  • Rinse the soaked oven racks with warm water;
  • After 12 hours or overnight, wipe out the baking soda paste using a damp cloth and a plastic spatula. If you see baking soda residue apply a little vinegar. It will react with the baking soda and will lash; 
  • Wipe down the foamy vinegar-baking soda mixture using a damp cloth; 
  • Replace the oven racks. 


Cleaning the refrigerator

The kitchen is among the dirtiest places in your home but before start cleaning the refrigerator, don’t forget to unplug it and let it defrost for several hours. 

To avoid water runoff, pad the inside with absorbent towels and place some on the floor around. Let the refrigerator and the freezer defrost completely and then dry the interior before start cleaning it. When the interior is entirely dry, clean it using a sponge with soapy water. Then give the surface one last wiping with a clean paper towel.

Final words

Taking care of hygiene and overall condition is a must when moving out and should not be taken lightly. To get an abode back in shape requires time, effort, and some money on detergents and supplies.  

Remember if you are not able to organise things directly (if you’re on your travels for example), there are excellent cleaning companies who can lift the load for you.

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